The Ever Useful Air Compressor: What You Need To Know

In millions of households and industrial businesses across the world the air compressor is used more than any other piece of equipment. They are used to create many everyday items, including different forms of plastic as well as being a crucial part in the manufacturing process of cars and aeroplanes. They are also really popular for personal use and it seems as if lots of people would not be without theirs.

Handy and Simple to Use

One reason best portable air compressors are so popular for home use is the fact they are very simple to use and can help out with many tasks around the home, especially DIY. Tightening bolts with impact tools or constructing furniture using a nail gun all uses the power of an air compressor. They are perfect for hobbyists and make a welcome addition to many workshops and tool sheds. Just ensure you have all the right parts and have a good supply of oil to keep your compressor in tip top condition.

Typical Air Compressor

Dust Busting House Cleaning Tips

Air compressors are great for cleaning up around your home. A burst from the compressor can blow away the cobwebs from those areas you cannot usually reach. You can also dramatically reduce the time it takes to wash your car as you can use an air compressor to dry it off leaving a streak free shine. Another great use on your car is to maintain good tyre pressure. Any guys out there trying to convince their other half that they need an air compressor would do well to remind them of all the ways the household could benefit.

Easy Maintenance

It doesn’t take a lot to keep your air compressor in good condition. You need to make sure it is well lubricated so regularly oil it. Also keep spare parts for it close by so repairs can be done quickly. A good air compressor is not cheap but with the correct care and maintenance it will do the job for years to come.

Impact Driver – The Tool To Be Explored

Today, I’m gonna mention the Impact Driver, as the tool left to be desired to be a must have in your toolbox. It is versatile, and could largely your best friend when it comes to simple DIY projects. Moreover, it is easy to use, store and quick to master, even for beginner. There is a large selection of  best impact drivers from various brands and models, so you are sure to have one that meet your needs.

What is an Impact Driver?

An impact driver is the tool to help you drive your screw. It is perfect for small beginner projects, to complex ones that requires a lot of effort. It is either corded or cordless, with the cordless model my favorite type, as it is easily portable and light. The corded one is also good, and comes with greater power, which is more suitable to larger construction projects.

Do not be mistaken between the impact driver and impact wrenches. The wrenches is to loosen and tighten the large bolts, for example the one that keep your car tires together.

Why Impact Driver is important?

I did mention impact driver is easy to use, but it does take time to learn the rope and know how to use it properly. In this case, practice really helps. Just get some wood that is unused, and get some screw and practice with the driver. A few dozen times should be more than enough to get you the feeling. A pro tip for putting the screw into hardwood better is to place a little soap onto the threads.

Cordless Impact Driver Infographic

This is a nicely put-together infographic to help you differentiate between the 2 tools. It is a direct comparison across different features, including Battery, Power, Flexibility, Drilling, Cost, Size and Speed. Just hit download and print it out for viewing convenience.


So if you do not have an impact driver in your toolbox yet, I suggest you should check it out and buy now. They are the essential tools, and sooner or later, you’ll need them in handy for your project. The tool also works well with other tools, and could be easily stored anywhere for its compact size. Hope you enjoy your fun project day with the impact driver.

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Hunt Inspector

Inspect Process at Hunt Inspector

Do you even wonder where we got inspect all the best stuffs around the world and post here for you to see. Will you question our integrity over our greed for money, so that we can be paid off by companies to have a favorable review for them? I bet so! And this post is here to dispel this myth for once and ever. We’ll lay out the process to which we adhere to rigorously, and the reason behind the existence of this blog, so that you could understand money is not at stake here.

What is our review process. First and foremost rule, never write about things we have never used before. Simple as that. Only having experienced the products, then you can start writing. Only by using the products for a prolonged period of time will you encounter such nuisance associated with it that the manufacturer comfortably does not mention at all. This is the very first step in building the founding block of giving the most honest review (or inspections) to our followers.

Second, we put ourselves in the shoes of the ordinary users. As I and my friends are avid users of power tools, many things come intuitively to us without thinking about it. However, for the rest 90% of people out there, that is not the case. Thus, we constantly remind ourselves to think of the problem of the novice perspective. We question things, and challenge our current knowledge about tools. It is hard at time, as knowledge simply cannot be unlearned. Well, but you could be sure we are highly concious about this and get crazy to de-skill ourselves for your own benefits.

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Air Compressor parts and accessories

There is no doubt that many industries simply could not do without air compressors. They are used to power a number of tools that are essential for getting many jobs done. One problem is that there are a lot of air compressors out there to choose from so knowing which one to get can be difficult. Thus, a thorough read of reliable air compressor reviews will help you a lot.

Knowing what to get will be easier if you know a little more about the parts an air compressor consists of. Some of the main air compressor accessories include the tank, regulator, gauges and valves. Let’s take a closer look at the main components.

First of all there is the tank. This is the largest part of the compressor and it is where the compressed air is stored. You need to keep a check on the pressure of the air inside the tank and to do this you look at the tank pressure gauge. A high reading on the gauge can indicate a problem that should be dealt with quickly. When the gauge features a low reading this can mean the compressor has a leak somewhere.

The next parts are the regulator and regulator pressure gauge. The regulator simply monitors the amount of pressure inside the tank. You can use the regulator to change to pressure as different tools work with different pressures. The regulator pressure gauge informs you of the current pressure.

Air compressor Pressure Gauge

The on/off lever is pretty self –explanatory. It is the switch that controls the air compressor. When you first turn the compressor on, it will begin to charge the air and can be a bit noisy. When the optimum pressure is achieved it will stop charging.

The pressure relieve valve and drain valve are both vital to the workings of the air compressor. The pressure relieve valve lets you release any pressure inside the tank. The drain valve gets rid of any debris or old oil accumulated within the tank. If you do not drain the compressor it is likely to rust.

air compressor valve

These are the key parts of an air compressor and now you know a little more about them you should be able to make a more informed decision when it comes to purchasing one.

As with any piece of equipment used in industrial manufacturing, the air compressor can be dangerous to work with if not used properly or carefully inspected. The ASME, which stands for The American Society of Mechanical Engineers is an organisation that deals with the safety of air compressor parts and air compressors as a whole. It is highly advised that anyone looking to buy an air compressor or parts should only purchase those tested by the ASME.

You can purchase air compressor parts lots of different stores as well as many places online. Many of the places that sell parts will deal in large industrial size parts right down to small pieces for use at home. The most widely available parts that are most likely to be needed are filters and hoses.

Buying parts that are good quality and have been tested for safety should always be your main consideration. A compressor including parts that have not been tested for safety could create a dangerous situation and is simply not worth it. The ASME is a highly respected authority on safety; so much so that in many places across the US it is illegal to sell compressors or compressor parts not tested by the society.

If you do not know where to start looking for parts the Internet can be a really good place to start. Just finding a search engine and typing in ‘air compressor parts’ will give you pages and pages of results. Although the Internet is a great place to find parts you need to know the make and model of your air compressor to ensure you purchase the right parts. A lot of air compressors will only work with specifically designed parts. You should also be aware that there are many companies out there that can service your air compressor should you need it.

Do not just click the first link in your search engine results. Take a little time to look into the best parts for you. With so many stores fighting for your business you can find good quality parts at low prices with just a little research.



The multiple use of Air Compressors

In your Car, you need to have extra tools in the emergencies. Air compressors are great tools to deliver air quickly. In the pool you can inflate rafts and other pool side toys. In the air compressor review you will get the knowledge about the air compressor.

For the above ground and inflatable pool sit is wonderful. Air compressors force the air through a tube. To inflate quickly you need to done.   To play basket balls, footballs and soccer balls needed super quick fixation. Small air compressor can make your day, if you can enjoy at beach when the beach ball stays inflated.

Air Compressor for car tires

With pools and sports, air compressor plays an excellent role in working with tool shed of home improvement projects. When it is large, it serves as power source for some tools like hammers, nail guns, and screw drivers. To avoid manual turning of screw or hammering the nail, the air compressor uses the forces of sheer to make the tool rotate or move. There need little effort from you. It will help you to complete job quickly and more accurately.

Air compressor is the handiest for your car. You can buy these tools as small patterns and that portable format you can store in trunk. With your air compressor you can re-inflate the tire when your tire becomes flat of losing air.